Values Vision Mission

“An organization without clearly articulated Values, Vision and Mission statements is a rudderless ship, and most often recognized as such in stormy weather.”
That was the opening message delivered by Paul Palmes to the attendees of a spring 2005 ASQ ISO 9001 conference in Atlanta. The topic was “The Business Side of ISO,” and the following Northern Pipe Products Inc. Values, Vision and Mission statements were presented as our best effort to capture the spirit of an organization that uses ISO as a business model:

· We place our highest value in the limitless potential of people. Provided opportunity, we will accomplish extraordinary things.
· We are honest and fair.
· We are open about our performance and expect our people to contribute their intellect as well as their strength toward our success.
· We believe strongly in products we provide and are passionate in our desire to make them even better.

Quality Policy
Continuous Improvement

· Create a company whose name is the industry benchmark for the products and services we deliver.

· Growth. Build and/or acquire pipe plants in the Western half of the Americas to provide diversified plastics products in several markets to better control our profits an our future.

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