April 18, 2005

What does ISO 9001:2000 mean in the supply chain?

Paul Palmes represents the US TAG to ISO TC 176 as a member of the “ISO Assessment Group,” or IAG. The IAG is an advisory sub committee of the IAF, or International Accreditation Forum.

Both committees are dedicated to enforcing and improving the credibility of the ISO standard.

ISO has published a short information brochure developed by the IAG, entitled, “ISO 9001:2000 – What does it mean in the supply chain?” This document is aimed at managers who are involved in the selection of suppliers, and/or responsible for purchasing decisions in a business-to-business situation.

The last several pages of this brochure provide information regarding complaints management – what to do and how to do it. The continued credibility of our registrations requires that we become actively involved in reporting unsatisfactory performance from another ISO certificate holder. Their registrar has an obligation to follow up on any complaint when “Vendor corrective action” proves unsatisfactory. However, they must hear from us to initiate their review.

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