Collegial Consenus

Perhaps this Podcast includes too many definitions, if only because each defined word might well be the subject of its own program. Perhaps. Instead, here’s hoping that these words find unique definitions within your organization, if only because, regardless of any supplied definitions, it’s in their use that greatness is discovered.

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The material below is the work of the US TAG to ISO TC 176 and was recently approved as their “Principles for Consensus”


Vote and write useful comments on all draft standards
Construct concise and clearly justified US positions
Focus attention on critical issues
Meticulously attend to significant details
Simplify complex standards issues
Concentrate on what works


Do what we agreed to do
Recognize mistakes and use the experience to improve processes
Defend consensus positions openly
Hold to commitments under inappropriate pressure
Continue to participate until everyone understands the issues


Create opportunities for others to recognize their own self-worth
Work with the least experienced members on complex issues
Treat poor results as opportunities, not mistakes
Seek opportunities to befriend people who appear to feel intimidated or unimportant
Sublimate personal needs to users’ needs for effective and efficient standards

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