Defining certain words in the “Wonderful World of Quality Management” can be a daunting task. In this Podcast, I’ve tried to define several terms we often use, but may not have taken the time to consider in depth. The story behind this program came from a recent E-mail, and I hope it answers the listener’s concerns!

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3 thoughts on “Definitions

  1. Hello Simon,

    I’m more amenable to a close similarity between procedure and method than I am to process and method. By my reasoning, the process is the “parent” and procedures the “children.”

    ISO 9000 defines a process as a “set of interrelated activities which transforms an input into an output.” Those “interrelated activities” are procedures, each defining a particular method for these activities.

    Unfortunately, there is no definition of “method” in ISO 9000, but the term is used one or two times in the text.

    Hope this answered your question, Simon, and thanks for this post!

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