PDCA Internal Auditor Training

Q. Does Paul Palmes make himself available to teach this material to other companies?
A. Most definitely. Paul maintains an extensive travel schedule to train groups of auditors throughout the country.

Q. What is a typical training plan?
A. PDCA Audit training is usually a two-day program: Day one is a classroom event where the PDCA Audit Master and the PDCA guide are presented and explained in detail as tools for a successful audit. Class size can vary from a few to as many as 20 auditors. It is not necessary for class members to buy a copy of Paul’s book.
Day two is in two parts: The audit plan is developed in the morning by the entire class. After break, the audit itself begins. In mid afternoon, the class reassembles to write the audit report and, if possible, present audit results to top- management. The audit stands as a “true” audit and not an exercise! The end result is a trained staff and an audit that adds value to the company.

Q. What are typical auditor training fees?
A. Most companies can expect to pay $3000.00 for Paul’s time plus additional travel, meals and transportation.

Q. Will students get a certificate or some other record of training?
A. Yes, they do. Once Paul’s had the opportunity to review a few of the post-training audits, he will issue class certificates. Most often, this process allows for follow up and affirmation for the students and helps Paul to identify and address specific weaknesses.

Q. Does Paul work with Top Management?
A. Yes. Paul will request several hours to work with top management either before or after training the auditor team. The message to them is simple: Auditing is a valuable activity and serves as an important source of information to help them make better decisions.

Other Services

Q. What other services are available?
A. Paul actively consults with several companies to help them improve culture and operations throughout the year. Feel free to ask for a list of current and past clients, if you wish. He has successfully coached many companies to achieve ISO 9000 registration. His motivational style and passion for quality’s ability to improve the working lives of people and boost profitability have proven a welcome message throughout the country.

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