Implementation Advice

A recent E-mail from Lauri Tuulberg of Estonia produced the subject of this Podcast. His question was intriguing to me in that it asks for guidance to often-faced issues. And even though the subject is quality program implementation problems, it’s clear that the same dynamics are at play in any new project – be it a sales campaign or the introduction of a new enterprise software program.

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Implementation Advice

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5 thoughts on “Implementation Advice

  1. Thanks Kyle!

    I’ll be doing more frequent podcasts in 2007. My mid to late 2006 was filled with too many things, both personal and business, to really attend to the number of programs and ideas that I wanted to address. I hope to be far more involved in this work as 2007 develops.

  2. I really liked it and so true. My question is in the world where Quality is being hammered by addtions of constant aditions of forms and systems how do you cut the fat in an organization and focus on the customer acceptance

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