Introduction to ISO – Part Two

Here’s hoping you’re enjoying a wonderful and exciting start to the new year. Personally, the pace of life and degree of change during the last month has been particularily demanding. My apology, therefore, for the unusually long time span between Podcasts. We’ll just have to work through the next several months together to determine the new pace of release, but I’ll try my best to post every two weeks. Call that a “New Year’s Resolution!”

This program is a follow up to the initial “Introduction to ISO” and hopefully will serve to summarize the overall intent and structure of the 9001 Standard. To listen to the program, just click on the title below:

Introduction to ISO – Part Two

I can’t express how grateful I am to you for your continued interest in these programs! If I can address a particular subject that is of special interest to you, please E-mail me with your suggestion. My work address is

One thought on “Introduction to ISO – Part Two

  1. Dear Paul,

    thank you so much for your informative podcasts.

    Please continue your good work!

    Maybe you could deticate one of your future podcasts on process targets / pocess figures / process control.

    Many greetings from frozen Bavaria,


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