It Should Work!

The science and art of Prevention is too often ineffective, leaving us to work on seemingly endless projects, designed to fix unnecessary mistakes and oversights. It should work the first time, especially in today’s highly competitive marketplace. This program asks each of us to examine our daily activities to determine if we’re really working smart, or simply trying to keep it together, one crisis at a time!

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It Should Work!

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One thought on “It Should Work!

  1. Hi Paul,

    I just listen to the “It Should Work!” ipod braudcast – and yes, I agree with you fully – it should work, and we spend all of our time fixing (maybe) things after they are broken.

    My comment – The Things That Get Rewarded Get Done !!!!!!!!!! – So if something is NOT working, look for the money/recognition flow within the organizaiton and you may very well find the root cause!

    I am actually living this right now as I have a full time client and things are constantly going wrong!

    Hope that you and yours are well and safe :-)


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