Juran’s work had a profound effect on mid-2oth century management as he echoed and expanded the work of Deming, collected what continues to be the preeminent text of the Quality Management Body of Knowledge and popularized what we have come to call the 80-20 Rule. The net effect of those contributions will remain with us in perpetuity.

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4 thoughts on “Juran

  1. Paul,

    thanks for another cracking podcast.

    Again you hit the nail on the head with this one.

    Although the Pareto Principle and Quality Trilogy are fundamentals, to me the thing that Juran will be best remembered for is his handbook – the bible for Quality Managers (infact pretty good for any senior managers in general).

    I bought a copy a little while ago, but was also smart enough to buy the electronic version also (so much easier to search). I literally use this book every day, any there are not that many books I can say that about.

    As I say often ‘Juran’s the man !”

    Keep up the good work !

    John Bethell
    Quality Manager, UK

  2. Thanks John,

    It’s interesting that both Juran and Demming were speaking the same language, but with differences in dialect. I’ve heard through most of my life that Juran was to Management as Deming was stastics, but the truth is that both had a profound effect on management and business practices in general. That handbook is amazing…. I fully agree with you on that score!

    I’m going to tackle several other subjects between Guru programs. The most pressing is the current state of affairs regarding Sarbanes Oxley’s place in the world of quality and its potential to impact the average quality professional. I guess the thing to say is..”Stay Tuned!” The guru’s will return!

    Thanks again, John


  3. Hi Paul

    Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy your podcast. Over time you have been rising on my personal list of top 10 podcasts. You are now in the top three, so there’s quality management for you – always improving!!


    Dean Hollier

  4. We appreciate the positive response from the recent podcast about Dr. Juran. As President of Juran Institute, owned and founded by Dr. Juran, we welcome all of you to come to our site to find out more of his contributions to management.

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