Podcasting Basics -Live from Reno

This is a live demonstration, presented on October 20, at the ASQ Quality Audit Division Conference in Reno, Nevada. The podcast itself is a basic overview of podcasting and how it’s done. We’ve tried to keep it short, and don’t expect anything earth shaking, as we’re simply introducing the world of Podcasting to the attendees.

To listen to the program, simply click on the link below:

Podcasting Basics -Live from Reno

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Here’s the primary slide from the presentation

Wide Audience Marketing
Targeted to widest possible audience
Relies on Links for exposure
Low user loyalty
Passive medium
It’s all about Google ratings
User learns of new content through self-initiated visits

Narrow Audience Marketing

Targeted to interested “Subscribers”
Relies on Links and Subscribers for exposure
High User Loyalty
Interactive Medium
It’s about serving a particular interest
Users learn of new content through auto invitation

“100 Narrowband subscribers are more valuable to advertisers than 1000 Broadband Listeners” – Adam Curry

4 thoughts on “Podcasting Basics -Live from Reno

  1. Paul,
    This is the first “Quality” podcast I have ever listened to and it sounded great. I hope you can start a new trend for ASQ and get all conferences to be setup for podcasting for those of us unable to attend the ASQ event. Thanks for the demo, I think you have proved the ease of which this could be accomplished. I hope you get a high response from the podcast.

    Ken Seider CQM/OE

  2. Your public “in-front” voice is even better than your podcast voice. As always, I enjoy your podcast.

    One tweak: a Wiki is inherently designed to be open to collaboration, while this isn’t the case of a blog. Even at it’s most collaborative, blogs are asymmetrical in dialog. This is minutia to a new audience but a significant difference in implementation and usage.

  3. Thanks for the clarification, Kyle. One thing about doing a live presentation is that I often look back at the experience and say to myself, “Did I really say that?!” I really enjoyed the experience, though, and there were lots of nice comments such as yours and Ken’s afterward. I was also asked to present a similar presentation next March as a keynote address for an unrelated professional group – an invitation I find humbling and one where I can use your well stated phrase, “asmmmetrical in dialog.” So, thanks in advance for its use! :)

  4. Good Evening Mr. Paul
    I am From K.S.A, Interested in Quality Engineering.

    Thanks a lot for quality issues you discussed. Thanks for bringing a sense of humor to the program, I am saying that because some Quality Engineers are picky, don’t smile, good fighters.

    See you Paul in K.S.A

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