Quality Auditing with Dennis Arter

Dennis Arter is internationally recognized as a true ground breaker and instructional expert in the field of internal auditing. It was my good fortune to find time to speak with him during the last day of the American Society for Quality’s 60th Annual World Quality Conference. Here’s hoping that you enjoy the program as much as I enjoyed the opportunity to record our time together.

Click over to his website: http://auditguy.net and be sure to read through his profile. If you want to contact Dennis directly, his E-mail address is: dennis@auditguy.net

To listen to the program, simply click on the title below:

Auditing with Dennis Arter

This will be one of several programs recorded at the 2006 ASQ conference. It was a great event! As always, I look forward to your comments and E-mail. If you wish to write to me directly, feel free to do so at: paulpalmes@pdcauditing.com

2 thoughts on “Quality Auditing with Dennis Arter

  1. I thought the program was just right, Dennis! The fact that the band chased us from one room to the next was also a fun experience – talk about ambient conditions!

    As administrator, I have this magical power to change the text in all these posts… sort of a “Wizard of Oz” sensation where I go behind the curtain and edit things that at first weren’t quite correct. I’ve made the correction to your web site address in the second paragraph in the hope that more people find their way to you and your good works!

    Thanks for your time, clarity and passion regarding the value and purpose of great auditing. We are all in your debt, Dennis!

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