Tools – Part Two – Computers

The world of quality tools took a giant step with the invention of the microprocessor and all that’s followed in its wake. Many have tamed the beast of document control through basic on-line management of all their documents and records. Still others have computerized all their testing and reports for later analysis by an informed and more aware top management group. It’s simply amazing how far computerization has taken every profession in their quest to work smarter instead of harder.

This program also marks two new milestones: The addition of many of these Podcasts to the on-line offerings of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), and the announcement of my second book entitled, “The Magic of Self Directed Work Teams – A Case Study of Courage and Culture Change.” This new addition to their Quality Press offerings tells the story of our work within Northern Pipe Products over the past 8 years in developing a participative work place that opens up unlimited possibilities to improve.

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Tools in the Age of Computers

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4 thoughts on “Tools – Part Two – Computers

  1. Hi Alex,

    The theme music is by Traffic Jam and the song is Rocky. I mentioned the group in the first several podcasts, but never recieved a comment in regard to their work until yours. As you may know, Podcasters are also bound by copyright law and the only option, other than doing something of my own, was to find something in freely distributed works at the creative commons site:

    I will mention your comment here to once again let the listeners know of the group and the creative commons site. I especialy like the fact that the song’s percussion is built largely from sound clips that are strung together!

    Thanks for your comment/question, Alex!

  2. I have greatly enjoyed your site.
    Wanted to let you know I discovered your site from your partnership mentioned above of your contributions to the American Society for Quality (ASQ)’s website.


  3. Many thanks for your kind words, Lee. The addition of several of these podcasts to the ASQ site has, like yourself, brought many new listeners and visitors to the site. The lastest stats (it’s amazing how much you can find out about who and where your listeners come from!) indicate that close to a third of all visits to the site come from ASQ. However, 90% of all podcast subscribers are from iTunes. That’s something of an indication that a percentage of ASQ members are probably iPod addicts, too! Also, the most listeners are from the US, followed by the Netherlands.

    Thanks again, Lee!

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