Tunnels and other Connections

The tunnel picture that serves as a banner to this website was a bit of a shock to discover in real life as I drove from Geneva to Luzerne during last week’s visit to Switzerland. Whether I actually passed through this tunnel or other members of its immediate family is uncertain. What is clear is that its construction is definately according to Swiss design.

Living with snow, sleet and freezing rain as we do in Minnesota/North Dakota, USA would be that much easier were we to tunnel between cities much as the Swiss connected towns and villages on either sides of major mountains. As a college student making regular trips from New York to Ohio, I was fascinated by similar tunnels on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. By comparison, however, the Swiss have elevated tunnelling to an artform.

Communication is tunnel-like as it connects us to those things we seek. “Driving to the point,” and “following along” are metaphors for progress to some new understanding as either the path breaker or next in line. That moment when first noticing the sun on those tunnel walls, as the end ever so gradually came into view, was identical to the feeling I experience when a new concept takes hold within me. It’s immediate, refreshing and affirming. Driving out of a tunnel, we emerge into a new realm – with unlimited headroom!

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