W. Edwards Deming

This is the first of three programs dedicated to the teachings of W. Edwards Deming. The Internet has numerous websites devoted to his thoughts and methods. I strongly suggest that you avail yourself of many of these offerings if this and programs that follow stir your interest in this giant among those we’ve been calling “The Quality Gurus.”

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W. Edwards Deming




5 thoughts on “W. Edwards Deming

  1. I just finished listening to your 3rd podcast on Demming. Thank you for the refresher course complete with new and intersting examples and your own unique perspective.

    Keep the podcasts coming!

    Mark Greer
    Principal Engineer, Altec Industries Inc.

  2. Luecynthia,

    Such great feedback – thanks to you as well for taking the time to write! These programs allow me to reach out to a wide audience, yet most are just numbers in a “stats window” that summarizes how many folks downloaded which programs each day. To connect with someone directly is a rare treat, the fun side of all it takes to set levels, check wiring, format, upload, link up the file and all that other production magic. So, thanks again Luecynthia!


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